Check here for any updates to the programming schedule as we get closer to Richmond Zine Fest!

All programs and exhibitions are free! Just bring yourself and be ready to engage your mind, your hands, or both! Schedule may be subject to changes.

11 am -12:30 pm — Kitchen Witchcraft: an introduction to culinary uses of medicinal herbs w/ Mo Karnage [location: Main Library basement classroom]

An Intro to Culinary Uses of Medicinal Herbs! Level 1 This is an introductory course in how to use medicinal herbs in your cooking and food. This course will have useful content for both folks who cook from scratch and folks who tend to eat packaged and pre-prepared foods. We will talk about medicinal and culinary uses of 10+ herbs in this level 1 course. We will touch on the spiritual beliefs/uses of some of these herbs as well. The goal of this class is for students to come away with a better understanding of different plants and their beneficial uses, and with ideas for how to practically incorporate the magick and medicine of the plants into their lives and food. Mo Karnage has been studying herbalism since childhood, most recently in 1.5 years in the apprenticeship program at Owlcraft Healing Ways in Scottsville Va. Mo lives in Cuckoo, VA at Raven’s Feather Farm. Mo works in construction by day, and juggles family, writing haiku, caring for animals and plants, running, and practicing herbalism by night.

1 pm – 3 pm — Art of the Glitch w/ Nephelle Veerhoff [location: Main Library 2nd floor computer classroom]

This session is in two parts. You can come to one or both.

1 pm – 2 pm — Art of the Glitch
Can you make art from breaking computers?? do u want to know, how to
make glitch art? 😮 come be a part of our first ever workshop. no
computer necessary as we will be using the computer lab.

2 pm – 3 pm — Art of the Glitch: Hack The Planet Edition
For part 2 of Art of The Glitch, we’re going to talk about things more
technically, touching on the hacker movement and what computer system
failures mean as radicals. There may be a live demonstration, as well as
a brief overview of computer security for activists.

1 pm – 2 pm — The Zen of Zines w/ Oura Sananikone [location: Main Library basement classroom]

We will discuss what can and cannot be a zine. We will explore different formats of paper zines and make zines out of unconventional materials such as cardboard, wood, clay, leaves, sticks, etc. Oura has been making zines for over 20 years and remains curious about what exactly makes a zine a zine and if there are or should be limits to what they can be.

2 pm – 3 pm — Brazilian Indigenous Patterns – Kayapó Xikrin do Cateté tribe w/ Luísa Ulhoa [location: Main Library basement classroom]

Learn about the Kayapó-Xikrin do Cateté tribe in the Brazilian Amazon forest and their meaningful patterns in this hands-on workshop. Since my thesis on the Amazon in 2017, I have been researching indigenous patterns in several tribes in Brazil. The Kayapó-Xikrin do Cateté tribe had the most information available in comparison to all other tribes I researched. These patters are now part of my ongoing work.

3 pm – 4:30 pm — The Importance of the QTPOC Storyteller w/ Aída Bogado [location: Main Library basement classroom]

Through this workshop I’d like to facilitate a conversation surrounding the importance of QTPOC storytelling in whichever form it takes. I’d like to discuss and collectively process the decolonization of our narratives and the ways that we contribute to the preservation of not only our own lives but of those around us by uplifting our voices and lived experiences. PELEONA is a multimedia platform for queer trans Latinx artists to share their stories in whatever artistic form they take.

4:45 pm – 5:30 pm — Roots to shoots : Science, sound and society w/ Sarmistha Talukdar [location: Main Library basement classroom]

This workshop will ask and explore the question: How do we integrate our past, present, and future while honoring our cultural roots and creatively express out of the box? Sarmistha Talakdar is a scientist, artist, and an organizer, and they try to share what they know with the world.


7 pm – 9 pm — Friday night event: Southern Gothic Futurist Haiku Slam – Eyes from the Left w/ Raven Mack [location: Electric Nomad Dance Studio @ 123 E. Main Street directly behind the library]

Fifth Episode of the 2019 season of SOVTHERN GOTHIC FVTVRIST HAIKV SLAM at Electric Nomad Dance Studio, held to coincide with RVA Zinefest, bringing a completely free for all communal event built around wild style haiku slam utilizing haiku format (seventeen syllables or less) to have a single-elimination come-one come-all tournament where combatants build and/or destroy through short poetic bursts.
IN THE REGULAR SLAM TOURNAMENT – you will need around 20 or so haiku to compete thru the end, but you may be eliminated quickly only having used 2 or 3 depending on skill levelz. Competitors go head-to-head, single haiku vs. single haiku as a round. Early matches are best out of 3 rounds, final four is best out of 5, and the final is best out of 7.
IN THE OPEN BATTLE ROYAL for those eliminated early as well as willing onlookers who have decided to just dip their toes in the waters, you will only need 3-6 haiku maybe, in a single round format eliminating people one by one until there is a winner. Your host Dirtgod Raven Mack will also defend his claims as Intercontinental Cruiserweight Champion of Performative Haiku in a HAIKU LIFE/DEATH MATCH, against an as yet undetermined top creative force, in a Best of 19 showdown. Come kick it with your cousins, those you know and those you don’t, in a safe and sober space, to share our creative expressions in short 17 syllable or less outbursts.