Continue to check here for any and all updates to the listing of vendors and zine-makers/artists/writers as we get closer to the exhibition day of Richmond Zine Fest.

Exhibitors will be on the first floor and basement of the Richmond Public Library Main Branch, Saturday October 12th.

To get a sense of the types of artists, publishers, writers, distros, collectives, etc. that table at Richmond Zine Fest each year, browse our archive!

Zine Fest Layout for Program 2019

11 PM records but also zines  (he/him)

I didn’t come here to make friends, I came here to win.

Adam DiGiacomo  He/Him/(She/Her/They)

illustration zines, prints. Creatures, characters.

AdHouse Books

AdHouse Books LLC has been a boutique publishing juggernaut since the year of 2002. Over the years, they have won and been nominated for awards within the comic profession (Ignatz, Harvey, Eisner) and the design world (AIGA, Communication Arts, Domtar Paper). Their library of publications is an eclectic mix of sequential and illustrative arts.

Adobea Archive  (she/her)

Adobea is an archival project exploring Black history, culture, and fashion.

Aijung Kim  (she/her)

Aijung makes illustrated poetry and personal zines that often celebrate the everyday magical moments in life. She also makes cards, handmade prints, and an oracle deck.

Alexandra Wong  (she/her)

Strange creature art

Alt-Bae Zine (Alternative Blacks are Everywhere)  (she/her)

Alt-Bae Zine showcases the talent and ambitions of alternative Black people and other people of color as well. “Alternative” is up for interpretation and can be many different things, so this zine tries to highlight these attributes and challenge the stereotypes of non-white people.

Amy Lovvik  (she/her)

Amy Lovvik is a cartoonist living in Richmond VA. Her favorite subjects to write and draw about are jungles, lucid dreaming, small animals, swamps, and surreal fairy tales.

Ana Moore  (she/her)

@blackgurlblues zines focus on mental health and wellness, self-care, mindfulness, restorative educational practices & more.

art+food+feminism  (she/her)

main zines=shower thoughts (diary comics), rituals (one off comics), at least one travel zine, other smaller zines also

asmithart  (she/her)

My comics feature anthropomorphic animals navigating their weird wild lives

Autumn Haynes  (she/her)

Autumn’s work varies from fun fantasy stories to autobio comics and informative zines about nature.

Bad Dreamer (she/her)

Bad Dreamer is personal prose and art centered around sexuality, intimacy, the politics of being a woman, mental illness, and dreams! Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, always with a flair of mysticism.

Barrett Stanley  (he/him)

I create a variety of self-published materials including long-form comics, mini-comics, sketch collections, zine-based games, and prints. My subject matter tends to be drawn from science fiction and fantasy with an emphasis on character, humor, and adventure.

Bizhan Khodabandeh  (he/him)

Bizhan Khodabandeh is an illustrator/designer/cartoonist. At the zine fest you will be able to browse/purchase his award winning indie comics and art prints. His content ranges from social commentary to the whimsical.

Boxerbun  (she/her)

Boxerbun is an illustrator and comic artist. At the zine fest she’ll be debuting her Adopt a Bot zine filled with whimsical little and big robots alike all designed by her. She will also bring comics and prints.

Brian McDaniel Zines and Stuff  (he/him)

I make zines inspired by my life, interests, or whatever I’m feeling at the time. These are photo, doodle, and text based.

Bubbles Fanzine  (he/him)

Bubbles is a comic book fanzine in the tradition of ones from the 70s and 80s, interviews with people from across the industry. Along with reviews, articles, and art.

Budget Press  (he/him)

Budget Press has published zines by many different people for a long time. Perzines, poetry, photos, fiction, whatever we want.

Bullock Bits  (she/her)

A slice of life comic about a little bit of this, a little bit of that. A sub strip is also about my journey getting treated for MDS

Buttered ToastTomato Soup  (they/them)

Buttered Toast: Coming out, moving to Richmond, and a slice of Buttered Toast; Tomato Soup: A celebration of Time, Space, and the kids inside us all that transcend both

Can’t Surf Quarterly  (he/him)

Can’t Surf Quarterly is journal that pays homage to the many subcultures that enshrouded skateboarding. Our focus is de-compartmentalizing peoples thoughts in respects to how we consume art.

Carlton Nivens  (he/him)

Double Bind is a collection of poems and abstract comics about the struggles of living as an artist, and maintaining financial independence. I will also be reprinting all past zines

Cathelios  (she/her)

I draw a lot of cute girls and cryptids. Also fluffy gay things and pride buttons.

Catherine Page  (she/her)

Catherine Page is a Richmond, VA based graphic designer with a love of images. Her work evokes the feeling of nostalgia you get when searching through a shoebox of old photos. She enjoys bringing her digital work to life through print based mediums.

Chauer  (she/her)

Comics of small stories and character/creature/plant designs for said comics comics.

Chrislin Hearn  (she/her)

The Book of Red Flags is a collection of flag designs inspired by the author’s misadventures while dating. Ghost Town is a collection of illustrations and poetry surrounding the theme of lost love.

Christine Skelly  (she/her)

Flaunt Your Fluff is a body humor about letting all your Fluff grow without shame! (If you’re into cutting it, that’s cool too). The artist also has many other stories focused on myth and folklore.

Clown Kisses Press

A risograph press made up of three VCU alumni. We specialize in zines, comics, prints, and books.

Community High School of Arts and Academics – Zine Club

Community High School of Arts and Academics is a progressive school in Roanoke, Virginia. Founded and driven by students, the students of the CHS Zine Club have published more than 250 student-produced zines Since 2014; this will be their fifth year tabling in Richmond Zine Fest.

CRAPANDEMIC  (they/them)

World’s only goth zine distro. Old-school perzines + fanzines + more by outcasts, for outcasts.

Createmorr  (he/him)

Surreal sci-fi pyschonaut exploration through realities shared by events of high strangeness.

CRUDCITY  (he/him)

Illustration and printmaking

cryptidish  (he/him/his)

A local haunting in your body.

Daniel Torraca  (he/him/his/they/them)

Work about feelings. Feelings about feelings. Feelings about work.

Detritus King Things  (they/them)

Are you into weird poetry, southern oddities, and literal garbage. Cool, me too. Also PLANTS.

Devry Press  (she/her)

Devry produces zines on eduction, horror films, and comics.


Emanata is a student-run publication dedicated to uplifting the comics community at VCU and the greater Richmond area by providing avenues for comics artists to publish their work in an anthology.

Emcarrs  (she/her/they/them)

I’m creating whimsical zines and art to give people something fun and unique to escape to.

Emily Meredith Lewis   (she/her/hers)

My zines use a restricted color palette paired with hints of whimsy and humor to pull audiences into more emotionally complex topics regarding conservation, extinction, and all around animal advocacy. Some new titles since last Richmond Zine Fest include: 10 Tardigrades That Will Definitely Outlive You, Extinct Giants, and Not all Pink Birds are Flamingos.

Estrella Vega  (she/her)

I mostly do illustrated books about nature. I’ve got an ongoing series on prehistoric life.

Ethan Hickerson  (he/him)

Photography and writings

Evan McIntyre Illustration  (he/him)

I draw digitally and traditionally and make zines that vary from pop culture referenced illustrations to narrative comics, to horror short stories. I also can have prints and original art for sale along with stickers and lapel pins.

Fearlessly Happy  (she/her)

Zines that contain haikus and affirmations about Black women and healing.

Fehu Studio  (she/her)

Fehu Studio brings occult fantasy comics, zines, and small treasures for all fantasy/D&D lovers.

Feral Dad  (they/them)

A collection of drawings based on descriptions of angels from Abrahamic texts. They don’t always look like nice people with halos.

Frivalice  (she/her)

I am currently working on a zine that will update the language of flowers. I want to assign modern definitions of what the flowers represent.

Gold Star Art  (they/them)

Gold Star Art self-publishes several zines, including art-photo zines and so-called ‘perzines’, though they’re really for everyone else. Also self-produces some very fun screen printed t-shirts and embroidered patches.

Great Dismal/Richmond Food Clothing Resistance Collective

DIY zine, instruction & personal zines

green thy  (they/them/theirs)

thy is a queer non-binary creative navigating the vietnamese diaspora, trans identity, and the pleasant (& unpleasant) surprises of cat parenthood through zine-making.

Greg Steele  (he/him)

genre minicomix about monsters and drugs. naro movie posters.

Greñuda Zine Haus   (she/her/they/them)

Exploring Queerness mothering and mixed race identities through abstraction, poems and visual graphics

Gumleet/Pineapple Press  (she/her)

Two gals who just want to spread the word about what we’re passionate about: photography and dogs.

Hannah Fisenne  (they/them/she/her)

Hannah Fisenne is a disabled artist who’s zines focus on the disabled body and generational knowledge.

Hannah Huddle  (she/her/they/them)

Queer/sciency/artsy/memey zine-y lady-type multi-media artist/librarian from Richmond.

HUMDRUM  (they/them/she/her)

Poetry, writing, and imagery which highlight and provide alternate perspectives of commonplace phenomena.

Ice cream support group  (she/her)

Ice cream support group is a community organization that has an emphasis on centering QTPOC artists and creatives

Inky Knife  (he/him)

I create linocuts on Japanese paper, zines, patches and t-shirts.

Jacob Eveland  (he/him)

Jacob Eveland is a Richmond, Virginia illustrator with a focus in black and white design. He has created a surreal world with his short stories.

Jake Lahah  (he/him)

I’m working on a zine that is a recipe book about pickling from a queer sustainability standpoint. It will be my RVA zine fest debut. I may also release a second one that is a photo zine of Richmond local drag.

Jamie Douglas  (he/him)

Variety of zines, comics and illustration, ranging from personal narratives to silly low-brow nonsense.

Jelani Ellis  (she/her)

An artist breaking into a new medium. Featuring a zine about people with plants for heads.

Jim and Willa Johns

I have an environmental zine, as well as a zine of drawings that my daughter and I collaborated on.

Jo Gray  (she/her)

Jo Gray creates 3d illustrated zines that tackle complex characters and subjects with dry humor.

JoAnna Wendel  (she/her)

she/herI make science comics to spread the wonder and whimsy of the natural world! Science is often inaccessible to non-scientists, and I’m changing that, one comic at a time!

Jupiter Star Power!  (she/her)

Pessimistic feminist retellings of fairy tales and unironic appreciation of girly pop culture. Plus zines about my cats!

Kate Foray, Zoeybug Studio  (she/her)

Wrestling, feels, and sometimes cats.

Kathryn Murden Illustration  (she/her)

Whimsical, colorful, busy illustration.

Kit Conely  (they/them)

20-something. art, poetry, zines, photo. RVA

Kith & Kin Press  (he/him)

K&K focuses on printed matter that helps us be more literate of each other and engenders empathy through cooperation. The books we produce serve to explore artists’ and writers’ innermost minds and hearts to get at something approaching the truth.

Knowhere Club  (they/he)

The Knowhere Club is a guild of misfits. We will attempt to provide an art platform as well as community online and offline (in Richmond).

Kryscolour  (she/they)

Wut even vol 3&4, New zines “the house” and “hedge witching”

the lainzine and friends  (she/they)

We are a not-for-profit web publication, representing a loose online community and focused on sharing a love of technology and what it means to us. Our core team is a queer (trans, bi, lesbian) and neurodivergent collective that’s also not completely white people.

Last Syllable Press

Last Syllable Press is Mac MacDaniel and Zoa Saberhagen. They publish zines focusing on their shared love of poetry, Shakespeare, veganism, and sobriety. Based in Richmond, Va.

Late Comeback Press  (she/her)

Late Comeback Press’ name derives from the French term l’esprit de l’escalier–thinking of the perfect reply a little too late. As two Asian-American artists, we live within the hyphen, struggling, at times, to convey language that exists in one culture but not in the other.

Lost Reach   (they/them)

Illustrator of the fantastic and macabre. Providing zines for both education and entertainment.

loving plant  (they/them)

a project of cree renee, loving plant focuses on producing artistic content in hopes of creating, curating, and cultivating more loving, lovely, love filled lives.

Luísa Ulhoa  (she/her)

Zine featuring indigenous patterns from Brazil and their meanings + info about tribes and cultures.

M.G. Roach   (they/them)

M. G. Roach is a trans hobby artist and writer interested in themes of mental illness, sexuality, and sadomasochism, and also in iconography, humor, and cuteness. Awful Catholic and un-certified saint enthusiast; absolutely charming bottom-feeder who contributes next to nothing to society.


MACROCK is a DIY music festival that cultivates an environment where musicians, zines, and artists can express their art without corporate influence. MACROCK will be bringing different zines from Harrisonburg to showcase 3 – 4 different zines from the area.`

Madison Hall  (she/her)

Madison Hall is a Richmond, VA based illustrator and print maker raised in South Carolina and is a recent graduate of VCUarts. Her illustrations are often inspired by the experience of living in the American South and outdoor exploration. She favors any medium that lends itself to tactility and historic process and incorporates letterpress, risograph, and silk screen printing into her illustrations of places half-imagined and vignettes of places where only the Loblolly pine grows.

Magpie Zines  (she/her)

Short zines about my life, series of illustrations, and topics I’m passionate about; for example, including nature into your life in small ways.

Marbellsoda  (he/him)

I make doodles based on scribbles based on daydreams based on nightmares based on my dirty scary secrets. I talk alot about anime and death in the least edgy way possible.

Mary Kate Montgomery

she/herI am a graduate of VCU with a degree in communication arts and studying to be an art educator. I have been creating my whole life and have developed several zines that incorporate colorful illustrations combined with poetry and written word. My work centers around my childhood, femme culture, and coming of age.

Mary Metzger Illustration  (she/her)

Mary Metzger is an illustrator based in Richmond, VA. Inspired by the fairytale books of her childhood, she enjoys combining fantastical imagery with the equally magical flora & fauna of Virginia. Be sure to swing by for illustrations, stickers, and her award-winning zine about “invisible” chronic illness.

Matt Harrison

he/himMatt makes comics like Mortal Combat (with a C), Brad Pitt’s Beard, Holy Trinity Action Squad, Karl Mars, and Ninja Turtles with Guns.

Meeting Comics  (he/him)

Meeting Comics is an ongoing funny comic strip collected in minicomic format every two months. Sometimes it’s about butts or robots, and sometimes it’s about how we are all corrupted by our own success under capitalism.

Mellyv123  (she/her)

My art, My life, Me.

Mike Basia   (they/them)

Uproot white anarchism: its about confronting whiteness within the anarchist spaces.

milo  (he/him)

I currently have a zine that combines strawberries and sheep.

The MiX

The MiX is a free inclusive creative space for people 13-18 in the Science Museum of Virginia. We’ll be bringing creative projects and zines made by our members as well as information about our space for people to check out.

Moon Toons Art  (she/her)

A zine about femme-oriented situation audio dramas. An immersive type of audio fiction that makes the listener part of the scenario.

Morgan Kendric Sawyer  (he/him)

All my zines are a combination of short comics and sketchbooks.

MUTT PRESS  (she/they)

MUTT PRESS is the publishing initiative of Rey Carlson, a queer mixed chinese designer. MUTT PRESS was made for reclamation, exploration, and above all, self expression.

MYCO Collective  (she/her)

MYCO is a creative collective based in Richmond, VA dedicated to the accessibility of resources and skillsharing.

Natalie Woodlock  (she/her)

Natalie is an Australian artist who recently completed her MFA in Printmaking at the University of New Orleans. Using the moniker “Love Letters Anonymous”, for many years she collected love letters from friends and strangers, publishing selections from her archive in zine format. She also makes zines that focus on popular culture and queer subjectivity.

Objects Of Ridicule  (he/him)

Dead Ends, and Decaying Friends

OURA  (he/him)

Weird art, strange toys, and kooky comix!

Peculiar Hi  (he/him/they)

Creating complex simplistic vibes every step of the way.

PELEONA  (he/they)

PELEONA is a project/zine that focuses on the amplification of the voices and work of queer, trans Latinx artists. Intersectionality, sex positivity, mental health and consent are at the forefront of the conversations that PELEONA promotes.

plastic thank you bag  (they/them)

A qtpoc artist and designer with a focus on radicalism and anti oppression.

Pomegranate Press  (he/him)

Pomegranate Press is an independent publishing house based out of Richmond, VA. Since 2015, we have specialized in showcasing contemporary photography, writing, and other mediums of visual art through the release of limited edition, affordable publications.

Pomelo Publishing  (she/her)

We are a student run design collective dedicated to interdisciplinary research. Richmond based and are using zines and various ephemera to share humor and a contemplation of self.

Potato the destroyer  (she/her)

A kid eats a super powered potato. She now fights crime,and watches anime

practical witch supply  (she/her & they/them)

Two witches in conversation with + about intention, action, transformation, and magic through a queer anti-capitalist lens. Astrology + tarot zines thoughtfully created & bound with intuition, research, practice, and tenderness.

Puppers-Kyodai  (they/them)

We’re two artists with fan art zines as well as zines of our original comics!

RAH Comics   (she/her)

RAH focuses on Sequential Art and Viking/Scandinavian culture and history. She’s a freelance children’s book illustrator and is currently developing her own picture book, which promotes forest protection using Scandinavian folklore.

ratsh*t  (they/them)

I would be selling 2 short illustrated narrative zines along with prints of original illustrations, ranging in subjects. This includes nature illustration, character design, and occult themes.

Retrofit Comics / Big Planet Comics  (they/them)

Retrofit Comics / Big Planet Comics publish cool comics from around the world.

rum//mage  (she/her/he/him)

rum//mage is a community of writers of all levels, backgrounds and interests. We believe the value of writing comes from how someone experiences it as an individual, not how gatekeepers dictate it.

See Nothing  (they/them)

See Nothing is a film photography zine by Erik Phillips focused on live music. Heavy, but not exclusive, emphasis on punk and hardcore.

Shannon Prints  (she/her)

Daily comics of everyday existence, suffering, and joy.
Monsters and epics in woodcut and ink.

Shu Zines  (they/them/theirs)

I just like writing zines about harm reduction, activism, and what it’s like being “outside” and arts community (where I live) that is exclusive and harmful, so letting people know that they are valid and there should be space for them even if their community is not very good. Especially those of us that are queer and trans.

Stachesquatch Design  (he/him)

I’ll be printing a few small comics, mostly humorous.

Sleepy Dyke Club Zines  (she/her/hers)

We are a queer couple living in Richmond making zines and prints about love, nature, and the experience of growing up gay in the Bible Belt.

Smallest Slug  (they/them)

A collection of zines about sad stuff, bugs, yelling in Spanish, art block and more!

SOFT WEB studio collective

SOFT WEB studio collective prioritizes multi-disciplinary creative space for queer + transgender people of color. We are Paige, Mars, Ha, Ellie/Eli & Maeve. Our zines & works are a collaborative combo of personal-political queerdo dreams of the future and exorcisms of personal and ancestral ghosts.

Southern Exposure  (he/him)

Southern Exposure is a quarterly zine series that explores sexual and racial identity, the reclamation of histories, and the places where those spheres intersect. The series plays with imagery that’s both complicit and critical of the history that gives them power.

Southern Gothic Futurist  (he/him)

Southern Gothic Futurist zine is Raven Mack’s latest blossom of nonsense gibberish. Southern gothic futurism is about resisting the shine, basically sticking middle fingers in every crack in the system and wiggling them around until it breaks more, while also creating semi-autonomous communities which care for each other.

Still Around Illustrations, llc  (she/her)

That feeling when you meet your best friend.

surrounded by prose  (she/her)

Found and Curated Inspiration & Ideation

Strange Haus  (she/her)

We are a small collective of writers and artists interested in queerness, cryptids, plants, and whatever creative rabbit holes we go down next!

Studio Stag  (he/him/his)

A solo artist exploring personal and political subjects through zines and various art prints

Stuff by Ezra  (he/him)

A group of drawn doodles and handmade clothing pieces.

Take It Slow Press  (she/they)

Take It Slow Press is a partnership between Kamille Jackson and Janet George, rooted in the pursuit of an unhurried and uninhibited approach to their art practices.

Theodore Taylor III  (he/him)

Art zines and comics by illustrator Theodore Taylor III.

thos bois collective

Two bois on a mission to make cool gay stuff for the cool gay youth!

Tofu Press Zines  (she/her)

Tofu Press is a zine publication duo based in NC, USA with a focus on mental health, career, and lifestyle. Our goal is to explore difficult topics and share experiences through zinemaking!

Vim Shye  (he/him/they/them)

Vim Shye is a trans multimedia artist located in Richmond, Virginia. Aside from academic illustrations and works, most of his art centers around self identity/expression as well as the LGBT+ community.

Yonic Youth Zine  (she/her)

Yonic Youth is a zine dedicated to showcasing the works of women, POC, and the LGBTQIA community in arts, activism, and attitude.

Zazu Zine

Zazu Zine is creating an anthology that we plan to launch at the Richmond Zine Fest in October! As a graphic novel and comics publisher, we want to make the way for new artists in the comics industry and give the public more content in many genres. Our artists will feature their work in an anthology which included many different styles.

Zine Bean Collective  (they/them/theirs)

The ZBC is a collaborative project of zinesters in NC, using art to rise up, disrupt, and educate. Our zines examine identity and social issues in unique and fun ways, with particular focus on LGBTQ+ and POC experiences.